Ocean View Session

by Brandon Earl Bristow

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I was buying guitar strings one day in the late 90's and ran into Davey (David) Miller. We only knew each other from surfing and I was surprised to see him on dry land and buying drumsticks. Our not so secret side hobbies as musical people revealed at once at the counter. I told him I had just purchased a 12 track AKAI analog tape recorder (a beautiful machine) and within the hour we set up in a house overlooking Ventura with a view of the Pacific. I called an old friend of mine, Scott Kaminsky and asked if he wanted in. We had previously played these songs under the band name the "Agave Blues" band with John Kelso on drums. Although we were a bit rusty we managed to remember how the songs went. Davey was freeballing it, jazz style and I was struggling to remember the lyrics and chords but we made a nice afternoon of it. Always nice to get spontaneous surf jams down on tape. I mixed the songs without compression or effects directly to a computer via a radio shack cord plugged directly into the back of an old windows 98 Hewlett Packard PC complete with pirated software. ( the program was so very good that eventually I bought a legal updated version when I finally had some money.) Something the pirate haters never mention. Quality eventually pays off. At that time the AD/DA converters built into the computers were good enough to do this job. Actually Windows 98 was the last time I had a computer that did everything I wanted without a fuss. I have come to subscribe to a version of reality that perceives our modern technology as being "purposefully stunted" in order to make money. More specifically, to produce an ever increasing profit on a predictable curve for eternity. A good working computer is equal to curing a disease, there is no money in it. If your computer is three years old, it just stops working. It makes me crazy. Long live analog tape!


released June 14, 1999

Original songs and music by Brandon Earl Bristow
(Ovation UK II electric guitar and vocals)

Davey Miller on Yamaha drums
Scott Kaminsky on the Fender bass



all rights reserved


Brandon Earl Bristow Ventura, California

The Lost surfer hiding in the trees talking to himself.

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Track Name: Picture Frames
she likes her pictures in frames - they take the place of our names
infuse - entangle
she likes her leather and lace - that has to pass for good taste
infuse - entangle

and that's - my - honey's- phoney way to fly

you're just too good to ashame - that's got you talking insane
infuse - entangle
kissing the side of my face - tell me my love is a waste
infuse - entangle

and that's - my - honey's- phoney way to fly

I don't believe what you say - I don't believe you today
infuse - entangle
you feel like walking away ain't nothing making you stay
infuse - entangle

and that's - my - honey's- phoney way to fly